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A Team of experienced and qualified surveyors directed and supervised by expert maritime lawyers.

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Territories & Network

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Weisserberg Marine are located in Italy, Slovenia, Norway and Switzerland.  The territories of Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Turkey, Slovak Republic and Hungary are also covered (see Network).  Weisserberg Marine manage a vast own network of cargo & marine professionals and surveyors in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Slovak Republic.  The Network is locally managed in cooperation with local Weisserberg presence.


Weisserberg employ and engage expert maritime lawyers as well as reliable surveyors in relation to surveys and recoveries of marine and cargo-related damage of all kinds (sea, air and land transportation. All surveyors are qualified and experienced holding the necessary certifications in all cases where such are required.   Focus is on quick reaction times following an instruction and utmost protection of the Principals' rights under all circumstances from the very start.


Weisserberg Marine are in a position to apply the latest technology both in relation to instruments utilised during the surveys (ex. ultrasonic testing with class-approved SDT SHERLOCK), as well as with respect to reporting to their Principals.