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Professional Know-how and Experience, Exceptional Results (Marine & Non-Marine)

Specialist Loss Adjusting

Building On Years of Solid Experience

Specialist loss adjusting is the core service provided by Weisserberg to their Clients.  Several specialists with long-standing experience are in a position to deal with most classes of claims, from financial lines to property, form fine art and specie to cargo.  In particular, we are proud of the high level of competence and professionalism reached by the Energy & Engineering Team which operates World-wide in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.


A Growing Qualified Network 

Our extensive network of professional surveyors is in a position to service on very short notice any surveying instruction arising from cargo, motor and property losses.  It is in these instances that time matters the most requiring almost immediate on-site presence combined with the know-how and experience to resolve any type of issue on the field.  The above, in strict adherence with London Market Standards  (adopt LMA materials and indications as primary reference).

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Third-Party Administrating

Proven Success

Only our best and most experienced loss adjusters are eligible to engage in third-party administrating because they are the only qualified to make the decisions that the service requires with confidence and speed.  The members of our Team have years of unquestionable experience in acting as theirs-party administrators when it comes to medical malpractice, accident & health, general liability, professional indemnity, motor all-risks, property and to other classes of insurance.  The above applies to both live and run-off accounts.  The above, in strict adherence with London Market Standards (we adopt LMA materials and indications as primary reference).

Claims and Coverholders Audits

Reliable and Effective

Our experience in in relation to claims auditing for Insurers and Reinsurers as well as with respect to MGA and Coverholder auditing across Europe. The above, in strict adherence with London Market Standards. 

ADR - Mediation (Italy Only)

Alternative Ways of Protecting Interests

Mediation and ADR are also a focus via the services rendered by our own in-house chartered Italian Mediator.  here are times when interests are better guarded via reasonable and professional approaches aimed at reducing attrition and legal expenses arsing from controversies which do not offer clear-cut resolutions if brought in front of a Court.  We believe that efforts and costs must be evaluated and apportioned on a case-by-vase basis and mediation is certainly an option.