Immediate Response Services

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Immediately Present When and Where Needed

Professionals and Experts Always Ready to Intervene in Crisis and Emergency Situations


WTS - Weisserberg Technical Services

Engineering, Energy, Aviation, Financial Know-How

Weisserberg Technical Services (WTS) are a service unit composed of specialists with the highest qualifications in finance, engineering, energy, agriculture / livestock and aviation.  They have  experience and know-how also in relation to on-site intervention in case of catastrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, air and environmental disaster.  They have also intervened on-site in the wake of crisis caused by crime within financial institutions.

Immediate Response Services

WTS When Needed, Where Needed Within 24 Hours

WTS are a cost-effective solution when it is essential to immediately intervene to immediately deal with a crisis or disaster situation, immediately documenting and gathering information and gathering information in combination with the implementation of risk control and reduction techniques aimed at assisting in the reinstatement of operational business continuity.  The above in order to further limit our Principals' exposures, while providing effective and credible service to Insureds on their behalf. 

Team Leaders

Competence, Experience and Mobility

D aniel Capretti - Financial Institutions 
Fabio Pirozzi - CAT
Alessandro Bassanini - Agriculture and Livestock
Maurizio  Munno - Aviation & Drones Services