Risk & Insurance Management

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Managing Risk: Protection and Opportunity

Independent and Certified Services Based on Decades of Experience

Systematic and Structured


Building Upon ISO 31000:2018 and Principally Accepted Standards

Our methodology is entirely based on the recognised international standards outlined in ISO:31000:2018 by the International Organisation for Standardisation, JIS Q31000:2010 by the Japanese Standards Organisation, the King IV Report by the Institute of Directors of South Africa, BS6079-*:2000 by the British Standards Institute and ERM-Integrated Framework by the Committee of Sponsoring Organisation for Standardisation of the Treadway Commission (COSO).  In particular, we have developed own models based on COSO's Three-Dimensional Model (COSO Cube) and foster a contemporary and fully integrated approach by via the application of embedded and integrated frameworks.


Only Certified Risk Managers

Services are exclusively rendered by FERMA-RIMAP certified professionals in accordance with Weisserberg quality standards, in the absence of any actual or potential conflict of interest.  We assist our Clients in managing uncertainty (opportunities and threats), minimising waste and loss, managing capital effectively, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities through the understanding of associated risks. Our services are tailored to our Clients' needs and are explicitly aimed at creating value via a transparent, inclusive approach to risk management that is both dynamic, interactive and responsive to change, capable of continual improvement and enhancement. We provide solutions by managing the effects of material risk exposures in the context of the overall management of our Clients' organisations, encompassing strategic, tactical / operational planning and decision-making processes within the risk management framework.  Our discipline has moved on since Russel B Gallagher theorised in 1956 that by managing risks organisations could control insurance costs and we focus on the most advanced methods and models in use today.


wrestling with risk to let opportunities prevail