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IT - Virtually Everywhere

Weisserberg AG's Swiss Core and Local Offices operate within the company's Virtual Office Organisation (Virtual O2). This IT environment is composed of a combination of state-of-the-art IT applications relating to tasks management, cloud storage and integrated audio-visual communication systems which allow all Staff Members anywhere in Europe to operate within the same virtual office, in continuous communication with each other.

Specialists and Professionals

Weisserberg AG's Staff is entirely composed of highly qualified individuals in the field of finance, law, risk management, and transportation.  They developed their risk and insurance management knowledge on the basis of their specialist and professional training. All have  a minimum of five years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Total Quality Management

Weisserberg AG relentlessly apply Total Quality Management. Quality standards are centrally determined and monitored on the basis of Market standards and applicable laws and regulations.  they are then centrally imposed and monitored so that wherever services may be rendered, the same compliance and quality standards are applied. In addition to detailed training and on-going training, all claims with Weisserberg AG are quarterly reviewed and semi-annually audited by Swiss Core.